Victim? or Victor? Bitter? or Better? By Laurence Torr

Victim? or Victor? Bitter? or Better?

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How you see yourself and what you think about yourself has an impact on your life, The picture you carry of yourself with clearness and concern is how you will be. God says as a man thinks in His heart so is He. dont miss this encouraging teaching which will help you to see how important it is to see your self in the light of who God see you.

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Audio Time 39:57  



4 Replies to “Victim? or Victor? Bitter? or Better? By Laurence Torr”

  1. Dearest Brother in Christ, your timing and inspiration can only come from God!! My heart is truly humbled by listening to you teach!

    God Bless you and your wonderful fellowship!

    1. God bless You Greatly, thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. God is so good always. Laurence x

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