Compassion Promotes Action – By Laurence Torr

Compassion Promotes Action

In this Audio Teaching we Look at what is involved with someone who has compassion God is the God of Compassion and the Father of all Mercy, Jesus Christ life was marked with the traits of someone who showed Great Compassion on many different accounts. How important is it for a believer to have Compassion? I know you will be encouraged as you listen to this teaching.


Maya and Grand Dad 2

Audio Time 58:04

Faith and Confession That Overcomes – By Laurence Torr

Faith and Confession That Overcomes

In this Teaching we see the importance of our Faith and Confession and being led by the spirit of God. Signs, Miracles and wonders follows those who believe and are obedient to follow what God is showing them to do, those who receive Gods instruction into the good ground of their heart, where fruit comes forth some thirty, some sixty and some hundred.


Maya and Grand Dad 2

Audio Time 57:59