Growing In Faith – By Phil Hudson

Growing In Faith – By Phil Hudson In this teaching we continue the teaching on Faith. wonderful teaching and sharing by Phil Hudson. Phil shares examples from his life and walk with God, and his growth, and how that plays out with others. Audio Time 27:40

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Music & Lyrics

Music & Lyrics You can also find this page in the website navigation bar (Menu) The Songs Below Were Written and Performed By Laurence Torr & Abbie Britton -(Dunamis), except for Amazing Grace and Psalms 100. Under each song is the PDF File of the Lyrics Except for Amazing Grace & Psalms 100. Please feel […]

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Faith Is Now – By Laurence Torr

Faith Is Now – By Laurence Torr In this teaching we continue to look at faith and what the scriptures says about faith. We also look at what can bring our faith down and how to bring our faith up and we will learn to see the difference between faith and hope. Jesus Christ was […]

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The Life that I now Live – By Laurence Torr

The Life that I now Live – By Laurence Torr Continuing Our Teaching on Faith we see The power of God brings change to all those who believe and act upon the truths of God’s word to them. When we begin to walk in the newness of this wonderful life in Christ Jesus, by allowing […]

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Faith will turn every defeat into Victory – By Laurence Torr

Faith will turn every defeat into Victory God has perfect victory for us every time we believe Him, above our circumstances and feelings. God raised us up for Victory not defeat. God never made a failure. In tonight’s Teachings we will see there are three levels of faith, We will also learn what is Mental Ascent […]

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Website Statistic’s for Grace Love and Truth.

Website Statistic for Grace Love and Truth. Below is a PDF File of some of our Website Statistic’s Here you can see what Countries visit our site How Many views the site has had. and what is been listened too. Grace love and Truth Website Statistic’s – Click Picture or the Link below the picture to […]

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Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle – By Laurence Torr

Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle How we approached our situation’s and challenges and our attitudes toward our situations and challenges  can  determines whether we get the results we are looking for or the wrong results we do not want. Life situations and challenges do not change because we stamp our feet, or complain. But when […]

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The Benefits Of Seeking God – By Laurence Torr

The Benefits Of Seeking God God wants us to seek Him with all our hearts. In this teaching we look at the benefits and blessing of seeking God. Through Seeking God with a pure heart, God can give us direction as well as protection, and provision, so our hearts will rejoice in His goodness to […]

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The Power Teachings

The Power Teachings Welcome to the Power Teaching Download Page Here you can download the Audio Teachings and save them to your Audio Devices to your Phone or MP3 player and computer or Laptop. At the moment we have 59 Teachings we have posted so far, and each week we will add more. I pray […]

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A Lifestyle Of Commitment – By Laurence Torr

A Lifestyle Of Commitment The most successful believers in the Bible were those that we fully committed  to carrying out what God wanted them to do.  If we are going to be successful we have to be committed. When we are double minded as believers we limp through  life and live way below the life […]

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Faith & Confession

The Power of Faith Filled Words

Watch Our Video Seminar on Faith & Confession

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue

Learn How Powerful Your Words Really Are

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