Faith will turn every defeat into Victory – By Laurence Torr

Faith will turn every defeat into Victory

God has perfect victory for us every time we believe Him, above our circumstances and feelings. God raised us up for Victory not defeat. God never made a failure. In tonight’s Teachings we will see there are three levels of faith, We will also learn what is Mental Ascent and how close it is to faith and how mental ascent can rob you of your victory and joy.

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The Fuel For Faith is Love – By Jason Smale

The Fuel For Faith is Love

Just like a Car needs fuel for the car to function faith needs love for it to be Godly faith. The Fuel for Genuine Godly faith is Love, the heart that we do things for God has to be the right heart if we are going to see Godly fruit. we are either moving by faith or fear. is your faith fuel by the love of God? Faith and Love go hand in hand. Faith is energised by Love.

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Part 2 Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle – By Aimee Mccormack

Part 2 Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle

We all face challenges in life who ever you are, but when we have faith in God, we will always come out more than a super conqueror. In this wonderful Teaching by Aimee, we see the great faith of Mordecai, and Esther, we see their faith and trust in God, and how God was with them and delivered them. We see the same with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they did not bow under pressure and they did not burn, and we see the great example of Daniel who also did not bow under pressure. In each of these records we see the faith and confidence in God, their boldness in the face of death. When we are truly living by faith, no matter the challenge we see that Living by faith is not a struggle. God is with us and is a very present help in trouble, He is faithful and will make us the victor and not the victim, all we have to do His fully trust Him.

NOTE: During this Teaching we had a power cut, and was in complete Darkness for half the Teaching. Using the Bible on Her Phone Aimee Continued to teach, undisturbed and determined to complete her teaching. Now that is Faith!!! 🙂   Faith continues where fear stops.

Audio Time 46:21

Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle – By Laurence Torr

Living By Faith Is Not A Struggle

How we approached our situation’s and challenges and our attitudes toward our situations and challenges  can  determines whether we get the results we are looking for or the wrong results we do not want. Life situations and challenges do not change because we stamp our feet, or complain. But when we  stop and go to God casting all our cares to Him because He cares for  us, and seeking for the direction He wants us to take, then we can have full assurance that we will get the best outcome when we turn and Believe and trust God. In this teaching we look at what is faith and those that got victory and deliverance through their Faith. 

Audio Teaching Time 50:41

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The Benefits Of Seeking God – By Laurence Torr

The Benefits Of Seeking God

God wants us to seek Him with all our hearts. In this teaching we look at the benefits and blessing of seeking God. Through Seeking God with a pure heart, God can give us direction as well as protection, and provision, so our hearts will rejoice in His goodness to us. We also look at what type of heart we need to go to God with, as well as be willing to do what He shows us to do.

Audio Time 36:12

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