Walking By The Spirit Trusting God – By Kim Torr

God wants people with  a willing heart to do the things That He is working in their hearts to do and to move in the direction He is showing them. When we move and step out at the direction of God we will see great doors open and great things come to past.   Audio […]

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Thoughts for Today – God opens the doors.

Most Saturdays, I usually meet up with believers to have a coffee, and reflex back on the week just gone bye, then take a walk around the shops, doing something called window shopping, and we usually bump into to people we know, stop for a talk, and there is always an open door to encourage […]

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Faith to Endure – By Kim Torr

When the going gets tough the tough get going, God is in Christ in you. So no matter what is going on in your life, you have the capacity to endure And be victorious in every situation.   Audio Sharing – Faith To Endure – Audio Duration 10:45

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Part Two – Keeping Faithful and Focused in The Midst of Distractions – By Laurence Torr

Part two – Keeping Faithful and focused in the midst of Distraction – God wants us to keep our focus in challenging times. we will look at three areas, where believers can lose there focus with God, and how to recognise when we are being tempted and drawn away from our focus with God. Audio […]

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Thoughts for Today – God’s Tapestry – By Laurence Torr

When you look back at your life, your life may have looked messy, filled with problems and troubles and with the difficulties you may have faced and even now things may seem a mess or uncertain, we have all gone through trying and difficult times and you may be going through uncertain trying and difficult […]

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Positively From God – By Sangat Bains

Audio One – Wonderful Encouragement By Sangat Bains – The words of this world  is darkness so people are wondering aimlessly but the vision and words from God, the revelation, God’s thoughts gives direction, clarity and positiveness. so we are thinking the right way………..   Audio Two – Wonderful Encouragement By Krishna Ale Audio One – […]

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Keeping Faithful and Focused in The Midst of Distractions – By Laurence Torr

In life we all go through peaks and valleys but as believers we don’t need to pitch our tents in the valley like so many do. King David said though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil, why? because God was with Him and that is where […]

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The Greatness Of God In Christ In You- By Kim Torr

God’s Master Plan, Christ in you the hope of Glory. Now we are born again having received the spirit of God, we are now sons of God with Christ in Us the hope of glory,  we are now the children of God with have  son ships rights we have authority in this world to bring […]

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Thoughts For Today – Arise & Go

God spoke to Joshua to arise and go the time of mourning the death of Moses was over and now it was time for Joshua and the people to Arise and Go if Joshua wanted to enter the promise land. If Joshua did not move, he would not have entered into the promise land nor […]

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God Is Faithful He Is Always With You – By Laurence Torr

Your own personal is testimony is very powerful  When we remember what God has done for us, this build’s great faith in our hearts, as well as others when we share what God has done. We all have many great testimonies of how God has healed, delivered and provided for us, and protected us. As […]

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