Fellowship with God, Fellowship With One Another – By Laurence Torr

Fellowship with God Fellowship with one Another

In This Teaching we look at what The Scriptures say about our fellowship with God and Our Fellowship with one another. It is Through our Fellowship we can be strengthen, It is Through our Fellowship we are encouraged. It Through our Fellowship we grow, It is Through our Fellowship we build unity, It is Through our fellowship we can prayer together and for each other, it is through our fellowship we edify each other. Our fellowship with God reflects in our fellowship with one another. 

Audio Time 33:45

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The Living God – By Laurence Torr

The Living God

Our God is a living mighty God and is at work today through those that put their trust in Him and those that believe Him. What is your greatest need?, whatever your need is the living God can meet those need, He can heal you, He can repair broken relationships, He can raise the dead, He can prosper you in every way. If your life is broken and needs to be restore than turn to the living God who is at work right now this very moment you are reading this. Listen to the audio teaching and find out that this living God is for you, YES You reading this right now.

Audio Time 43:38

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Say What You Want, Not What You See – By Laurence Torr

Say What You Want, Not What You See

Summary of what is covered In This Teaching. We look at  (1) Our relationship with God, (2) Our Choices each day (3) The Importance of God’s written word, (4) Being Led by the spirit of God (5) Our confession. (6) Boldness to speak Gods word (7) Having confidence to do what God shows you to do

Audio Time 40:11

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Three Powerful Testimonies of what the Living God is doing Today – By Ashish Dial

Three Powerful Testimonies of what the living God is doing today – By Ashish Dial

1.) Man who pursued God healed. 2.) Angel appeared Barren woman Healed has baby. 3) Leg saved from being amputated. –

Ashish Dial, shares three Testimonies of what the Living God is doing for the believers in India that are turning to God with all their hearts. When you turn to the living God with all your heart, the Living God will also do mighty things for you and through you. Do you need healing? do you need direction? whatever your need the living God will meet them when you go to Him, with all your heart.  God bless you Laurence x


Audio Time 20.52

Our Connection to God and Our Connection with Others By Laurence Torr

Our Connection to God and Our Connection with Others 

From the time of our new birth, We become connected to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We are now completely, completely, complete. We are holy and without blame and we are in the presence of almighty God.  We have to see ourselves in the light of who we are now, if we are going to move with God. In This Teaching we look at how important our connections are and what God has to say about it.

Audio Time 42:01

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12 Things To Do To Keep Moving Hot with God – By Laurence Torr

12 Things To Do to keep Moving Hot with God

What do we do when we are facing hard times, and difficult  situations,? what do we do when everything is coming against us? in this teaching we will look at the examples of the great believers who sought God, in the most trying of times, and God response. We will see the steps they took.  Here are Some  things, we too can learn and do. I will list below some of the things we will learn and can do, in no particular order below.

(1)  We are to Seek God with all our hearts. (2) Ask God for His wisdom  (3) Ask God to Teach You   (4) We are to Trust God   (5) Decide to live unto God   (6) We are to wait on God or rest in God. (7) Draw need to God  (8) We need to be humble and meek (9) Have Faith In God  (10) Keep doing right, when things are going wrong (11) Keep God First (12) Honour God

Audio Time 44:42

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