Live in Victory, Refuse to live in discouragement By Laurence Torr

Live in Victory, Refuse to live in discouragement.

Are You discourage? do you know why? and what made you discouraged? what is going on in your life that would cause you to be depressed and lose hope or you do not see anything happening in your future? What causes you to be distressed or discouraged or dismayed?  Looking at our circumstance can make us get to the points of being discouraged or fear of the future can lead you to be dismayed.  In this teaching we will look at what discouragement does and how we can keep ourselves hot and looking to God in times of trouble and discouragement.


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Nepal Believers are growing Fast – Video

Nepal Believers are growing Fast


Many people being born again and coming to a knowledge of the truth of God’s word in Nepal, there are so many new people they had to take to the roof to be a part of this wonderful fellowship. So the word of God continue to multiply and grow throughout all of Nepal thousand are receiving Jesus Christ as there Lord and walking in the power of God with signs, Miracles and wonders following them, Many Testimony of people being healed and set free. In this video you will get a small glimpse of one fellowship that has many Leaders and believer attending.

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How Important are you to God? By Laurence Torr and Impossible to Possible – By Rebecca Jancey

  1. Teaching – How Important are you to God? – By Laurence Torr
  2.  Sharing – Impossible to Possible – By Rebecca Jancey


How Important are you to God?

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Impossible to Possible

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Godliness? or a form of godliness? By Laurence Torr

Godliness? or  a form of godliness?

When we confessed Jesus as our Lord, We received holy spirit which is the power (dunamis) and ability to change our lives around and to be witnesses and show forth Christ in our lives. Paul’s life after he become born again change 100 per cent after being born again, Paul did not stay the same. In this Teaching we look a the truths about being transformed through the power of Christ in Us and what part we play in helping this transformation. We also see what God says about those who show a form of godliness but deny the power (dunamis) thereof, also we look at  false teachers and what fruit to look for. I pray you will be enlighten and blessed as you listen and consider the things taught.


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Staying Out of Bondage – By Laurence Torr

Staying Out of Bondage.

The Apostle Paul In Philippians 4:1 and Galatians 5:1 exhorts the believers to stand fast, (1) to stand fast in the liberty where Christ has made us free and (2) to stand fast in the Lord. to stand fast  means to stand firm, to persevere to persist to keep ones standing. If we are to keep standing firm, and keep our standing we need to know Gods word to us, and keep it living in our hearts and lives. As we keep or hearts built with the truth of God’s word and know what the scriptures instructs us to do and then do it, we can be strong and unmovable as believers. in this teaching we look at how Gods people go in to bondage and how Gods people can come out of bondage and stay out of bondage, and that we need not be toss to and fro and carried about with every wind and doctrine by the sleight of men  and cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive.


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Learning About The Apostle Paul – By Laurence Torr

Learning About The Apostle Paul.

What can we learn about the Apostles Paul, from Studying the Scriptures?  Quite a lot in fact,  in this teaching I begin my journey in the scriptures finding out about Paul’s back ground, where he was born, why He had two names, who he was taught by, and many more things. I pray you will get encourage to work this study for yourself, Like I will continue to do so, ” Learning about the Apostle Paul”

Audio Teaching Plus a Link to my  syllabus.


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How The Word of God Began To Move in India – By Bhupender Kumar Translator Ashish Dial

How The Word of God Began To Move in India

Video recorded from my recent trip to India

Bhupender Kumar Share how the Word in India began to move through the power of God, with signs, miracles and wonders following. Great testimony of the healing power of God and inspiration to trust God even when it seems like nothing is happening.


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