Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Eyes Upon God

Seminar One –  Eyes Upon God

  Eyes Upon God

These Ten Audio Teaching files are from the weekend in The Word Recorded.  We opened up with a  Teaching about Fear, followed by a teachings showing Gods heart for His people always is to Fear Not. Then we look at what it is to have Faith and to Believe God, from the Scriptures. God wants His people Full of Faith and their Eyes Fixed only on Him, believing Him and not their circumstances or the doctors report or the lack in your bank balance or relationships and many other things that come up in this life . The scriptures shows us example’s of how to have faith and believe God and the men and women of the Bible who did just that and the great benefits they received by Keeping their eyes fixed only on God.


Opening Teaching

Audio One – Running Time 32:40

Audio Two – Running Time 36:22

Audio Three –  Running Time 38:02

Audio Four – Running Time  20:01

Audio Five – Running Time 46:51

Audio Six – Running Time 27:50

Audio Seven – Running Time 30:42

Audio Eight – Running Time 28:41

Audio Nine – Running Time 43:26

Audio Ten – Running Time 27:59



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