December 10, 2023

Video Faith and Confession Seminar

Video Faith and Confession Seminar 

How this Seminar came about.
It was Saturday 1st July 2017, I woke up early, around 5.40 am and went to make a cup of
coffee. For some reason I felt empty inside my heart, and I said to God, “what is this?”,
referring to how I was feeling. Then, I prayed “Father thank you for blessing me”. I placed
my cup under the coffee machine, pressed the button for the machine to make coffee and I
walked to the back door to look out into the garden. As I looked into the garden I
immediately felt the power and presence of God rise up within me and come upon me. It was
at that moment that a thought came immediately to my mind; “Say what you want, not what
you see”……………….

Below are 12 Video showing you the authority God has given to you through words and you world can change when you learn to say what you want and not what you see. The is a PDF File syllabus you can click one and save and keep to your device.


   Class Syllabus Click Here 


Introduction and Session One


Session Two


Session Three


Session Four



Session Five



Session Six


Session Seven – Taught By Kim Torr


Session Eight


Session Nine


Session Ten


Session Eleven


Session Twelve


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