God will heal Your Broken Heart – By Laurence Torr

God will heal Your Broken Heart Many people even many believers are walking around with a broken heart. Broken relationships, division among people, and offence can crush the life out of the best of us. I know I have been there and it’s not a nice place to be…. But God has not cast his people away and His heart is open to all who will turn to him. God is the healer of broken hearts, restoring health, relationships, giving direction and a way and hope. I know as you listen you will be greatly encouraged.


Audio Running Time 40:11

When We Believe God, We Will Reach Out To Others – By Laurence Torr

When we believe God, we will reach out to others 

When we look at the lives of the old testament believers, we see the people who believed God and accomplish the impossible. Through their faith, God was able to do His mighty works and show forth His delivering  power and might. What about today? Now we as born again Children of God have the faith of Jesus Christ, what can God accomplish through you, when you believe? In this audio teaching I share how God is working and opening doors today restoring relationships and bringing deliverance. When we choose to do what God puts in ours to do and believe God and move with God then others can see the power and love of God in action towards them, so they may be reconciled to God.


Audio Running Time 38:45

Compassion in Action – By Laurence Torr

Compassion in Action

An outstanding feature in the life of Jesus Christ was His compassion for others. Jesus clearly showed forth the qualities of our Heavenly Father in His life. Our Heavenly Father is the God of all compassion. As we grow in our relationship with our heavenly Father doing what He shows us to do from a loving obedient heart, being led by His spirit in us, we too can grow and be compassionate towards others, energized by the love of God living in our hearts and lives. Genuine Compassion will move you to action, we will see this in the life of Jesus Christ as we go to the Scriptures in this audio teaching.


Audio Teaching Time 32:25

Notes for the Teaching

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