Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Danny Torr





From Darkness to Light

Burning with a passion of Love and fire, Love has no Boundaries

A Deep Place of Seeking God’s Heart

What is Your Attitude and Motive (some sharing’s Then Teaching By Danny Torr)

Bearing Fruit

What Hat Are You Wearing Today?

A God of Love, Mercy and Compassion

You Are Right Before God

Sons and Daughters of God

By Danny Torr – Respond with the New Man

Danny Torr Sharing at Gartmore

Set your heart on God


Set Your Heart On God

By Danny Torr  – Audio Duration –  00:31:12

Our walk with God – By Danny Torr


Our walk With God

By Danny Torr – Audio Duration  01:24:42

Your Creative Value – By Danny Torr


Your Creative Value

By Danny Torr  –  Audio Duration 27:26



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