Forgive as you have been forgiven – By Laurence Torr

Forgive as you have been forgiven Forgiveness plans a major part to rooting out the root of bitterness in anyone hearts. Jesus Christ life and example in what he lived and taught sets the example for us as believers to follow. Through forgiveness not only do we set the over person or persons free but we […]

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Gospel Of Deliverance – By Laurence Torr

Gospel Of Deliverance In this Teaching we learn about the Gospel of Christ, which is the power of God unto wholeness and deliverance, and salvation. We take a look at the goodness of God, and the power of our testimonies. At the end of the teaching, there are three testimonies, from the believers in the […]

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High Alert – Be on Guard – By Laurence Torr

High Alert Be on Guard This Teaching was taught Wednesday 24th May 2017, at Phil and Becky fellowship. packed with some wonderful truths, which will help you stand strong in all life situations.   Audio Time 01:07:22 Download This Teaching to You Computer or Device Click on the Link Below to take you to the […]

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You Are Only An Attitude Away from Victory – By Laurence Torr

You Are Only An Attitude Away from Victory Attitudes are a person’s qualities of the mind and thoughts — they are the hidden intentions which will eventually serve as the basis for our actions. What can we learn from the scriptures about our Attitudes. What should one’s attitude be towards God? and what should ones Attitude […]

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The Root and Fruit of Bitterness – By Laurence Torr

The Root and Fruit of Bitterness Things will come up in our lives that will cause bitterness if we allow it. Bitterness effect people spiritually, mentally and physically and emotionally. whoever has hurt you, whether it be your husband or wife, a brother or sister in Christ, a minister or ministry we can cut that root […]

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Division and Our Response – By Laurence Torr

Division and Our Response What should one’s response be, when we find disagreements and arguments and divisions, among believers in the body of Christ today? How can we measure ourselves and others, to know if we are responding in the right the way? What can we learn from God’s Word about this? May God bless […]

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The Gospel of Peace and Much More – By Laurence Torr

The Gospel of Peace and Much More. Grace be unto You and Peace from God our Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ. The Gospel concerning Jesus Christ is a gospel of peace. The word Gospel means good news,  if what you are learning brings confusion or fear, and bad news it is not the […]

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Testimony from India and short video – posted By Laurence Torr

Testimony from India and short video sent to me by Ashish Dial God bless you. Respected uncle this lady’s husband, both of his lungs got damaged and God opened door for her to know about God . She believed and said God if you heal my husband. I will give my life to you and […]

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What is godliness By Kim Torr

What is godliness NO higher compliment can be paid to a believer than to call him or her a godly person. He or she might be a conscientious parent, a zealous church worker, a dynamic spokesman for Christ, or a talented leader; but none of these things matters if, at the same time, he or […]

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