November 29, 2023

Audio Seminar Faith and Confession


Seminar Faith and Confession as Taught In Norway

The Power of Faith Filled Words Seminar

Taught in Norway

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th April 2018

God bless You, in the name of Jesus Christ, this is the first Teaching of Our Seminar The Power of Faith Filled Words, We had a great time learning from the Scriptures the importance of our Faith and Confession. Peoples heart were touched by the power of God through these Teachings, healing was also made available and over the weekend people were ministered too and received their healing. The fellowship and oneness of the believers was amazing as God went to work in those present. When we deliver what God wants us to deliver then we can see it is all by His great grace and He does the work in the peoples hearts.

I would specially like to thank Carl Morten and Brit Hellwig for inviting me to teach this seminar and for their hard work and labourers of love taking care of all those that attended, Laying on beautiful food and Tea’s and Coffee as well as filming the Class sessions and opening their home the greatest leaders are the great servers and with the love of God and care for each person you both blessed all of us in your home making God’s people feel so comfortable and blessed ready to receive the words from God taught. You truly are great examples in service in love and given to hospitality

Many thanks to you both and God continue to enrich your lives with His love and grace and peace

Much Love

Laurence and Kim


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Below are the Audio Teachings From the Seminar on the Power Of Faith Filled Words Recorded In Norway. These Teaching are for those that were present and anyone I am led by God to share the Teachings with. For those invited to listen, that was not at the seminar weekend, I would encourage you to ask God if you should have this taught live in your area with the people you fellowship with. Nothing can  replace the live teaching and fellowship together and the breaking of bread together where Gods people can be encourage and ministered too with the power of God present to heal. Bless You Laurence.


Introduction Read By Kim Torr

and Session One By Laurence Torr

The Just Shall Live By Faith


Session Two

Levels of Faith


Session Three

Faith is Now & the Power of Our Words


Session Four

Fear verses Faith


Session Five

Faith for Victory


Session Six

A Heart Filled with Gods Word


Session Seven Taught By Kim Torr

Death & Life are in the power of the tongue


Session Eight

The Words We Speak are Spirit and Life


Session Nine

The Law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus


Session Ten

Thoughts and Words


Session Eleven 

Our Words are Seed


Session Twelve 

Reigning and Ruling  Our Seated Position in Christ


Faith & Confession

The Power of Faith Filled Words

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Death and Life are in the power of the tongue

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