Laurence Torr

The Power To Change 


Learning About the Apostle Paul


Doing What God Shows You To Do (German Youth Camp)

Hiding God’s Word In Your Heart

God wants You Encouraged – Compassion and Light

Are You Meek?

Simlicity (Haplotes) 

Guard Your Heart with All Diligence

Transforming Power of God  – Wake Up and Move

Sit, Walk, Stand – Walking In Righteousness

A Power Packed Fellowship – As You have Therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk you in Him.

God Leads Us, Guides Us, and Provides for Us (Beside the still waters)

Speaking The Truth In Love – Go and Grow By Laurence Torr

Finland Teaching – No Sugar Coated Gospel – 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 By Laurence Torr

The Right Heart Behind Giving – The Grace of Giving – By Laurence Torr

God blesses us so we can be a blessing so we can help those in need and also support and those who live from the gospel those that minster to God’s People. Giving to the outreach of the word of God, is also helping to spread the good news. Today we see so many mega churches which is great if they are teaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ. and it’s not just the top men and women getting rich while those doing the giving are just getting by, Gods heart communicated through the Apostle Paul was for there to be equality in the body of Christ.

God Will Bring to Pass the Dreams and Purpose for your Life – By Laurence Torr

Many believers get discourage and give up on their God given dreams, But if God has given you the dream, then we need to stay in faith and God will bring it to pass. God’s children get discouraged when it seems like nothing is happening, or they are facing difficulties and problems. But God has called us Believers because that is what he expects of Us. No matter what we are faced with even though it is discouraging, we stand our ground. we don’t back down because we trust God and His promises to us. Watch this encouraging Teaching and Remember God is with you and loves you!

God wants You to Pray – By Laurence Torr

Time for Doing – By Laurence Torr

Introduction For the New Foundation Class By Laurence Torr

Here is the introduction of my new foundation class “Building God’s Word in our lives, success for Christian living”, for the many people who requested it, If you would like to see the rest of the class which is in the “New Foundation class”, section on the website, you will need a password to access it. If you would like to view the class please send me an Email with your Name and contact details and I will send you further details once I receive your email.

Please email:

Living God’s Dream in 2015 – Salted – (Highly Recommended Listen)

“Do Not Miss Out On this Important Message to You Today”

Are You Limiting The Unlimited God By Laurence Torr

Should Believers Go Through Trails and Tribulations?

Watch, Stand Fast, Man Up, Be Strong – By Laurence Torr

How To Respond In Difficult Times By Laurence Torr

God’s Covenant Protection

Tracking with the Word – Pardon? What Did You Say? By Laurence Torr

Get Clear and Concerned, Desire, Decide, Detail, Deliverence

Do what God puts into your heart to do

The Lord Will Provide (GOD is the source of our supply) By Laurence Torr


Who is Jesus Christ and the Red Thread

We are far from Oppression and Fear The righteous are as Bold as a Lion

Part 2 BE ENCOURAGED TODAY WATCH THE VIDEO TEACHING Lesson to be learned Examples to Follow

Have You Not Read


Our God is a Good God By

Continue in The Word, Faith and Prayer

PT2 Are You doing What God Called You to Do – Member in Particular

Are you Really Doing What God has Called You to Do?

The Grace that empowers You

Rise your Vision and Expectation

“King Saul and King David – Examples of Two different Leaders ”

Being Diligent

Influence Others Through Encouragement

God will make a way in the wilderness & Rivers in the desert

Lessons to be learnt examples to follow

How To Stay Hot With God

Who is Jesus Christ to You

God Gives Power To The Faint & To Them That Have No Might.

Do you Know who You are In Christ and How do you Know

Leadership Examples of Jesus Christ

The old Class of Building Gods Word in Our Lives A  new Class is being recording June/July/August 2014

Session 1 Building Gods Word In Lives 

By Laurence Torr

Introduction – Building Gods Word In Lives

By Laurence Torr

Relationship – A Full Sharing


Relationship – A Full Sharing

By Laurence Torr Audio Duration 37:57

Grace and Truth Qualities in Leaders

Laurence T

Grace and Truth Qualities in Leaders

By Laurence Torr – Audio Duration  24:02


Gods great love for us – Part One

By Laurence Torr  – Audio Duration  54:44


Gods great love for us – Part Two

By Laurence Torr  – Audio Duration  42:02



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  1. Elizabeth - Reply

    I highly recommend everyone gets a copy of Laurence’s book “Pardon What Did You Say?” Don’t just download it – get your own book so you can mark it. And since Christmas is coming why don’t you give copies to the believers in your fellowship and to your friends and families. Makes a great gift!

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