November 30, 2023

Audio Booklets Download

Audio Booklets Download

The Power Teaching Audio Booklets download Page

Audio Book One

Audio Booklet One – The Biggest Trick The Devil Uses – 38:44

Download this Audio Booklet to Keep & Listen too while you workout, walk or run.

Click Here to Download this Audio Booklet – The Biggest Trick The Uses By Laurence Torr


Here is the second Audio booklet titled What is holding You Back

You Listen online or download it by clicking the Link below

Audio Book Two – What Is Holding You Back – Audio Duration 26:36

Download the this Audio Book from our teaching series Today.

Click Here to download – Audio Booklet Two What Is Holding You Back by laurence torr


Audio Book Three – Thoughts Emotions & Words – Audio Duration 26:45

Click Here to download – Audio Booklet Three, Thoughts Emotions & Words by Laurence Torr



Coming Soon – Audio Book Number Four

Faith & Confession

The Power of Faith Filled Words

Watch Our Video Seminar on Faith & Confession

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue

Learn How Powerful Your Words Really Are

Click The Link Below

Click Faith and Confession Seminar


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