I Sought The Lord – By Aimee Mccormack

I Sought The Lord – By Aimee Mccormack

In her last fellowship teaching with us before Aimee moves from Bristol to Hereford to go to University, Aimee shares how God has blessed her and taken care of her in many situation since she become a believer and how God has worked with her and guided her as she sought Him for the direction for her life.

Audio Time 27:25

Who we are, What we have & what we can do in and through Christ, Part One By Laurence Torr

Who we are, What we have & what we can do in and through Christ.

Part One – Who We are in Christ

If we are going to exercise our authority in Christ, we need to know, what we received when we were born again. We need to know what the scriptures says about Who we are in Christ. What we Have In Christ, and What we can do In Christ. In Part one we will look at Who we are in Christ. we also see this helps us to know what we confess or say with our mouths, and how our faith will become unmovable and standing in the power of God and not in the wisdom of men.

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Exercise Your Authority In Christ – By Laurence Torr

Exercise Your Authority In Christ – By Laurence Torr

In tonight’s Teaching we look at How Jesus Christ used his authority and how  his followers used their authority In Christ and how we should use Our Authority, we see what we received and inherited when we became born again and how to use our what we received. We learn how to put our Faith to work, through words and actions.


Audio Time 40:18

Overcoming Fear with Faith By Laurence Torr

Overcoming Fear with Faith By Laurence Torr

Fear comes through hearing the World, Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, Fear paints a picture in your mind of defeat, Faith Paint the picture in your mind of Victory. What picture do you carry in your mind today? Our Words carry our faith or fear when we speak what is in our hearts out of our mouth. Into nights teaching we see what the word of God has to say about these thing.

Audio Teaching Time 38:17

Faith Teaching Series

Faith Teaching Series

The Faith Teaching Series Now available on the blog you find all the teaching on faith we have done the last few weeks all in one place for you to enjoy. I will post the Link Below just click on it, or click on the picture, to take you to the Teaching Series. or Look in the Menu Bar for the Link Title Faith Series.
The last few weeks we have been teaching on the subject of faith, in the teachings below we learn what faith is, and how to release faith. We learn many wonderful examples from the scriptures of how God’s people overcame many difficult and life threatening challenges by believing God and coming into agreement with Gods word to them, We also see how Jesus Christ release His faith and taught His disciples how they should use their faith, through many different situation and examples when he was with them. We learnt how we are to use our faith and how faith is released to bring to pass the promises of God to us. Our prayer is as you listen and go through these records of the scripture with us, your faith will increase to the point you act on your faith and evident the power of God in your lives
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The Power of Faith filled Words – By Laurence Torr

The Power of Faith filled Words – By Laurence Torr

Jesus Christ, understood the power and authority of words and how to operate in the power of God and how to release his faith. He taught these things to his disciples and through his living example. What He taught and showed them, is written in the scriptures so we can learn also and apply the same principles so we to can release the power of God in our lives. As we continue our teachings on faith, we learn that we need to give a voice to God’s word as well as act upon God’s word to us today.

Audio Time 46:08