Faith Teaching Series

Faith Teaching Series

The Faith Teaching Series Now available on the blog you find all the teaching on faith we have done the last few weeks all in one place for you to enjoy. I will post the Link Below just click on it, or click on the picture, to take you to the Teaching Series. or Look in the Menu Bar for the Link Title Faith Series.
The last few weeks we have been teaching on the subject of faith, in the teachings below we learn what faith is, and how to release faith. We learn many wonderful examples from the scriptures of how God’s people overcame many difficult and life threatening challenges by believing God and coming into agreement with Gods word to them, We also see how Jesus Christ release His faith and taught His disciples how they should use their faith, through many different situation and examples when he was with them. We learnt how we are to use our faith and how faith is released to bring to pass the promises of God to us. Our prayer is as you listen and go through these records of the scripture with us, your faith will increase to the point you act on your faith and evident the power of God in your lives
Click the Link Below to go to the Teaching Series or the Picture above.

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