Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Teaching On Giving Part One

Teaching on The Importance of Honouring God

The Importance of Honoring God, with Your substance, heart and life. As You apply what you learn here you will see God go to work for you in a mighty way as we have experience and still are experiencing, May God bless you and enlighten your eyes as you listen so you can follow Gods plan for success for your life in All area’s. In this series we look at the benefits God wants us to have by honoring Him with our substance, not just in finance but in every area, when we use God’s wisdom with faith, confidence and trust, we will reap to ourselves and manifest all the blessing that God wants us to experience and enjoy and to have a successful journey through so that the life we live are an honor unto God.

There are 28 Audio teachings to encourage you

Teaching 1  Seed Time and Harvest, How To Receive From God – Audio running Time 38:21


Teaching 2  God wants You to be Successful  – Audio Running Time 33:45


Teaching 3  Prospering, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically  – Audio Running Time 44:01


Teaching 4 –  Giving ( 13 Audio Teaching Files) Knowing and understanding God wisdom on giving

Audio 1 Opening Teaching on for  Giving – seeing God wisdom

Audio 2

Audio 3

Audio 4

Audio 5

Audio 6

Audio 7

Audio 8

Audio 9

Audio 10

Audio 11

Audio 12

Audio 13




Teaching 6     Two Kingdoms Two Choices  –  Audio Time 54:24


Teaching 7  What Does God Say about Stewardship – Audio Time 57:29 ***** Listen *****



Teaching 8 Following God’s Wisdom in Sowing and Reaping – Audio Time 35:28


Teaching 9 Effortless Change, Gods Power To Change – Audio Time 41:20


Teaching 10 Breaking Up The Fallow Ground of Traditions – Audio Time 36:21   ***** Listen *****


Teaching 11 We Do The Sowing, God does the Growing, and We do the Harvesting – Audio Time 32:23



Teaching 14  God’s Abundant Provision For You Life – Audio Running Time 22:46    ***** Listen *****


Teaching 15  Keeping Your God Given Vision in Sight    Audio Running Time 46:07     ***** Listen*****


Teaching 16  Our Loving God Provides – Audio Running Time 51:01


Teaching 17  The Love of The World- vs – Delighting in God


Teaching 18  Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain



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