God Says-You Are and That’s What It Is! – By Priya Bains Joshi

A Wonderful Sharing By Priya Bains Joshi Only what God says about you is true, God is with us and for us and we are perfect before Him, God wants us … Read More

Wonder Full Life – By Sangat Bains

A Wonderful Encouragement  By Sangat Bains Regardless of the circumstances and situations we confess God’s words out of our mouths We are not to consider our our circumstance but we … Read More

You Are Not A Victim You Are Victorious – By Kim Torr

Audio Teaching –  By Kim Torr   God has given to Us all things that pertain unto life and godliness and we are victorious in every situation  when we look … Read More

Spiritual Blindness To Spiritual Understanding – By Laurence Torr

Audio Teaching – Spiritual Blindness To Spiritual  Spiritual Understanding –            By Laurence Torr When our hearts are humble and we are hungry for answers and … Read More

Focus On God’s Vision His Way – By Sangat Bain

Focus On God’s Vision His Way – By Sangat Bains Wonder Teaching and Encouragement from Sangat Bains When we Beseech God with great desire for Labourers, God will send to … Read More

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