The Mighty Power Of God – By Kim Torr

A wonderful faith build Teaching about the mighty power of God. When we move with faith as God leads us we can release the power of God in our lives When we walk with God Knowing who we are, we will shine as those lights and help those that need to come from Darkness to […]

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Ask and You Shall Receive – By Sanbi Bains

A Wonderful Sharing By Sanbi Bains God will open up doors for us to speak His word to others when we look to God. when we trust God and ask Him to direct our steps day by day, God will give us His work to do and bring people before us.     Sharing – […]

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God Says-You Are and That’s What It Is! – By Priya Bains Joshi

A Wonderful Sharing By Priya Bains Joshi Only what God says about you is true, God is with us and for us and we are perfect before Him, God wants us to go to Him with great confidence and expectations. We are what God says we are.   Sharing – God Says You Are & That’s […]

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Wonder Full Life – By Sangat Bains

A Wonderful Encouragement  By Sangat Bains Regardless of the circumstances and situations we confess God’s words out of our mouths We are not to consider our our circumstance but we consider God way this is what God would have us practise we speak those simple wonderful heavenly truths. Teaching – A Wonder Full Life – […]

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Walking and Living Victoriously Day By Day – By Laurence Torr

Audio Teaching By Laurence Torr   God want us to enjoy every day living, and live above the world and to live victoriously Daily and we can when we make a committed Decision to really put God first day by day and to do daily what He is showing us to do. Teaching – Walking and […]

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You Are Not A Victim You Are Victorious – By Kim Torr

Audio Teaching –  By Kim Torr   God has given to Us all things that pertain unto life and godliness and we are victorious in every situation  when we look to God and believe Him, in every challenge that may come up. We are not to allow any challenge to over whelm us through negative […]

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Thoughts For Today – What Do You Say?

                 Thoughts For Today – What Do You Say?   Your Circumstance say your problem is just too big, God said you are more than a conqueror Romans 8:37 Your Circumstances say I have no help where is God? God said He will never leave nor forsake you […]

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Spiritual Blindness To Spiritual Understanding – By Laurence Torr

Audio Teaching – Spiritual Blindness To Spiritual  Spiritual Understanding –            By Laurence Torr When our hearts are humble and we are hungry for answers and direction for our lives, and we set our hearts to seek God, then God will open up the eyes of our spiritual understanding and provide […]

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Faith Confidence & Trust Rules – By Kim Torr

Audio Teaching -Faith Confidence & Trust Rules – By Kim Torr When we put our faith and confidence and truth in God our faith raises to high level faith, where we see God to work in all of our lives situation, Allow God’s peace to rule in your hearts by having faith confidence and trust […]

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Focus On God’s Vision His Way – By Sangat Bain

Focus On God’s Vision His Way – By Sangat Bains Wonder Teaching and Encouragement from Sangat Bains When we Beseech God with great desire for Labourers, God will send to us those that are ready to go for God to preach the gospel, when we put our desires to God, we will see great out […]

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