What is godliness By Kim Torr

What is godliness

NO higher compliment can be paid to a believer than to call him or her a godly person. He or she might be a conscientious parent, a zealous church worker, a dynamic spokesman for Christ, or a talented leader; but none of these things matters if, at the same time, he or she is not a godly person.
The words godly and godliness actually appear only a few times in the New Testament; yet the entire Bible is a book on godliness. And when those words do appear they are with meaning and instruction for us.

Audio Running Time 57:19

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2 thoughts on “What is godliness By Kim Torr

  1. That was a great teaching Kim, makes me think about my walk with God , and at the same time very edifying and felt so much closer to God. loved this teaching.xxx

    1. God bless your wonderful heart Barbara Kim was so blessed by your comments and sends her love to you
      and so do I much love Laurence and Kim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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