Compassion in Action – By Laurence Torr

Compassion in Action

An outstanding feature in the life of Jesus Christ was His compassion for others. Jesus clearly showed forth the qualities of our Heavenly Father in His life. Our Heavenly Father is the God of all compassion. As we grow in our relationship with our heavenly Father doing what He shows us to do from a loving obedient heart, being led by His spirit in us, we too can grow and be compassionate towards others, energized by the love of God living in our hearts and lives. Genuine Compassion will move you to action, we will see this in the life of Jesus Christ as we go to the Scriptures in this audio teaching.


Audio Teaching Time 32:25

Notes for the Teaching

Click on Link below for Teaching notes



  1. Was really blessed with this teaching and could relate to it , in some of the things I have done before. Ie: Homeless man was selling the big Issue and I walked straight past, a voice in my head said turn back and give, So I obeyed that voice , felt so at peace afterwards.That has always stayed with me since obeying the voice. God Bless.xxxx

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