What is needed to Grow spiritually – By Laurence Torr

What is needed to Grow spiritually

In this audio teaching we look at what God says about believers growing up in to Christ and becoming mature believers, we look at what Gods says about our  Nurture  and growth and  (1) The desire that is required to grow and (2) how to maintain that desire, (3) how to be Nourished up and (4) how to be Patience and give ourselves time in our growing and learning, and (5) points to check out to see where we spend our time and energy as believers. I know as you listen you will be truly inspired and encouraged.


Audio time 41:15


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2 thoughts on “What is needed to Grow spiritually – By Laurence Torr

  1. Please lift my nephew tonight as he is in Afghanistan with the U.S.Army. God Bless

    1. Yes we will certainly Pray for your nephew God bless his heart xx

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