December 10, 2023

When we believe God, we will reach out to others 

When we look at the lives of the old testament believers, we see the people who believed God and accomplish the impossible. Through their faith, God was able to do His mighty works and show forth His delivering  power and might. What about today? Now we as born again Children of God have the faith of Jesus Christ, what can God accomplish through you, when you believe? In this audio teaching I share how God is working and opening doors today restoring relationships and bringing deliverance. When we choose to do what God puts in ours to do and believe God and move with God then others can see the power and love of God in action towards them, so they may be reconciled to God.


Audio Running Time 38:45

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2 thoughts on “When We Believe God, We Will Reach Out To Others – By Laurence Torr

  1. Great teaching Laur, I’m believing to go full time in my part time business, I believe that is Gods will because I am working nights and it takes away time from God and my family. Please be praying for me to know when God tells me to move. My unbelief is that at this time I need to be debt free before I can make the move.

    1. God bless You Ted, Yes I would love to join you in prayer for this, God is the Provider weather we work or free to live for Him.
      He will supply, and you will know without a shadow of the doubt when God wants you to do this.
      much love to you
      Laurence x

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