Godliness? or a form of godliness? By Laurence Torr

Godliness? or  a form of godliness?

When we confessed Jesus as our Lord, We received holy spirit which is the power (dunamis) and ability to change our lives around and to be witnesses and show forth Christ in our lives. Paul’s life after he become born again change 100 per cent after being born again, Paul did not stay the same. In this Teaching we look a the truths about being transformed through the power of Christ in Us and what part we play in helping this transformation. We also see what God says about those who show a form of godliness but deny the power (dunamis) thereof, also we look at  false teachers and what fruit to look for. I pray you will be enlighten and blessed as you listen and consider the things taught.


Audio Time 47:50

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