1. Teaching – How Important are you to God? – By Laurence Torr
  2.  Sharing – Impossible to Possible – By Rebecca Jancey


How Important are you to God?

Audio Running Time 38:16



Impossible to Possible

Audio Running Time 18:16


  1. Just listened to How Important are you to God, great teaching, so easy to listen to you Laurence and take it in. Thank you and God Bless you. xx would you please pray for my son Robert who has many problems at the moment with work attitudes and health . He has not long been a believer , and is saying now why believe if all these things are happening to me. Hard to get across to him as he finds it hard to retain what he has been taught , but I know he loves God, That sounds like a contradiction I know, but you have to know Robert to understand what I mean. He is 50 years old a divorcee has 2 wonderful believing sons, but has always had reasoning problems . I do not usually confess this about Robert , but thought it would help if you understood the problem. all love and thanks , Barbara,xx .

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