The Living God – By Laurence Torr

The Living God

Our God is a living mighty God and is at work today through those that put their trust in Him and those that believe Him. What is your greatest need?, whatever your need is the living God can meet those need, He can heal you, He can repair broken relationships, He can raise the dead, He can prosper you in every way. If your life is broken and needs to be restore than turn to the living God who is at work right now this very moment you are reading this. Listen to the audio teaching and find out that this living God is for you, YES You reading this right now.

Audio Time 43:38

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2 thoughts on “The Living God – By Laurence Torr

  1. I always get edified by your teachings, and this is no exception, really blessed today. with the living God in me. thanks. xxx

    1. bless your wonderful heart Barbara, Yes Our God is living God and Our Lord is a risen living Saviour 🙂

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