December 8, 2023

12 Things To Do to keep Moving Hot with God

What do we do when we are facing hard times, and difficult  situations,? what do we do when everything is coming against us? in this teaching we will look at the examples of the great believers who sought God, in the most trying of times, and God response. We will see the steps they took.  Here are Some  things, we too can learn and do. I will list below some of the things we will learn and can do, in no particular order below.

(1)  We are to Seek God with all our hearts. (2) Ask God for His wisdom  (3) Ask God to Teach You   (4) We are to Trust God   (5) Decide to live unto God   (6) We are to wait on God or rest in God. (7) Draw need to God  (8) We need to be humble and meek (9) Have Faith In God  (10) Keep doing right, when things are going wrong (11) Keep God First (12) Honour God

Audio Time 44:42

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