The Power Teachings

The Power Teachings

Welcome to the Power Teaching Download Page Here you can download the Audio Teachings and save them to your Audio Devices to your Phone or MP3 player and computer or Laptop. At the moment we have 59 Teachings we have posted so far, and each week we will add more. I pray these Power Teaching will bless You. please share the Link with others.

Below the picture is the Link to The Power Teaching Site or Click on The Picture. This is what the page will look like

 Click Here – To Go to The Power Teaching Audio Teaching Download Website


  1. Always enjoy listening to homefellowship teachings
    This a great resource,
    thanks for sharing it.
    Blessings to you all there in Bristol

  2. Hi Laurence this is Ashley from Germany. I have been wanting to learn more about God for ages, but have made stupid excuses and really had no reasons not to learn more. Anyway… I listened to one of your teachings today and I have seldomly felt so full and blessed. Thank you so much for making it available. I can’t wait for the next one and can’t wait to see you again. xoxo Send my love to Kim ❤

    1. Hi Ashley, God bless your beautiful heart, that is so great, and so wonderful to see your heart for God.
      I am so blessed you got encouraged, and it is great you want to learn more with God. He is with you
      and working in your heart. Miss you loads and mum and dad and your sister please send love and greetings
      from me and Kim
      Laurence and Kim xx

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