Germany Teaching – Believe, Confess, Expect and Receive – By Laurence Torr

Germany Teaching – Believe, Confess, Expect and Receive

Are You Expecting to Receive Something From God Today? In This Teaching we look at how a woman who for many years had a problem which hindered her daily living, she spent all her wealth seeking many professionals of her day to help her, but all that happen for her, was that her situation grew worse. We see that her desire for deliverance was so strong, she made up her mind not to stay in her condition. She could of given up, she could of stayed defeated, but she kept on seeking and found her deliverance, despite, the obstacles in her way and the fear of rejection. She never gave up and she received her deliverance.

Whatever your situation is Today, I encourage you, never give up, your answers and your deliverance is right in front of You!

Audio Time 24:46




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