How To Run Your Race With Endurance, To Win The Prize By Laurence Torr

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As Born again spirit filled Believer’s we have entered into the greatest Race in life for a great prize.

We are not competing against each other, for each spirit filled Child of God can win that prize.

As in any competition there are rules to follow, we need to know what prize we are competing for.

Any serious athlete before they compete will be  disciplined giving up the things that will

keep him unfit and slow them down, they train their body to respond to their minds.

They make every step count, Like a boxer makes every punch count, how are we as

born again Children of God suppose to train and keep fits as believers? Listen to this

great encouragement and learn how to get rid of the weight that keeps us from reaching

the finishing line and the Prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

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