Burning with a passion of love and fire, Love Has No Boundaries – By Danny Torr


  1. Gokul Gautam - Reply

    I am very happy , because god is great and god is helping me in my every work. Really god is great! Thanks god ih the name of jesus christ!!

  2. Judy - Reply

    A beautiful sharing. Inspired to go out and have passion towards others and ask.

  3. pambel - Reply

    Thank you Danny for your very inspired teaching about the passion and love we should never loose for our Dearly Heavenly Father and God and our lord Jesus Christ and one another as christians. Thanks God I have never loose the fire and passion for you in my heart since I was a teenager!Love you God with all my heart, soul, mind and strengh and thank you for teaching me and all my brethren every day to love you in such a way in the name of Jesus Christ!

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