December 11, 2023

I received today this email from another believer in a different part of the world who was greatly encouraged

to share how God has helped and blessed her. she got encouraged to share through the other email I posted on the Blog.

I have left the name out again, and I use this with Permission.


GOD bless you Laurence in the Powerful name of Jesus Christ!

Thank you for sharing this letter. It made me cry and thanks God for His wonderful Love, care and assistance with every child of Him.

Yes, I completely agree with the idea of doing what God puts in your heart to do for His Glory and look for His Direction only. I’ve never told to you nor anyone there that I suffered from thoughts and wishes for suicide in the past as well. It was during the 2006 when Jews were bombarding Palestine and my life was a complete disaster in my marriage and the devil had been trying to doubt in my heart about God’s true nature of LOVE. I was ashamed to ask for help nor did I go to someone to pray for me neither to a psychologist!

I was completely ashamed of asking for help because I knew the bible a lot in comparison to those who had the same problem, in comparison to many people…!

I went to God in prayer and ask Him to Help me and if He got me out of this deeply feeling to suicide, I would give testimony of Him and HIs Power and Glory. I did it meanwhile I knew, I did not need to give Him such a promise because’ JESUS CHRIST has paid for my right to be healed, though I did it because I felt to do it in my heart….

To not forget what it was for me that year, I put in my mail address the worst year of my life and then never changed it. It reminds me of God deliverance also 🙂

I also learned that time that I should not read nor listen to any kind of writing or person even though they seem innocent and unable to influence your thoughts when they are not influenced by the Only Right God, but only to listen to God, the God and Father of Jesus Christ and His SOUND DOCTRINE, which teaches us about the real nature of our GOD that is love and perfect love and Mercy.

Only God can heal and give us deliverance and everything that helps us believe should be welcome.

Now my ministry here is especially evangelical and pastoral and God really touched the heart of people who really respect Him and Love Him. Although I’m not leading any fellowship God has showed me how useful I can be under His direction and that Jesus Christ is our  leader in the Church. What I knew in theory I understood in practice because the Bible is FOR living IN.

God bless you abundantly in Jesus Christ for all you are doing there and with the people. When I watch and listen to your teachings and the others, it constrains myself and deeply touches my heart to love you all more and more in Jesus Christ and I want to thank you for your eagerness injected into my life through the Word of God.

LOVE ………………..  South America

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