November 29, 2023

Great Growth in India & Nepal

In this video You will see many different video clips and Photo’s of the great out reach and growth of the believers in India and Nepal. Multitudes are daily be saved and coming to the knowledge of the truth, many great signs and miracles and wonders are taking place daily and many, many believers have come from poverty to God’s abundance in every area of their lives. God is not a respecter of persons but in every nation he that respects God and works righteousness with God is accepted of God. Sangat Bain is a wonderful Minister for God and sent me these wonderful video and pictures and I was inspired to put them together with Sangat’s Teaching playing in the background, thanks to Sangat Bains for allowing me to put this video’s clips and Photos together of such wonderful works, God is doing daily and to encourage you the viewer to desire your own great grow and outreach where you live as you look only to God.



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