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Music & Lyrics

Music & Lyrics

The Songs Below Were Written and Performed By Laurence Torr & Abbie Britton -(Dunamis), except for Amazing Grace and Psalms 100. Under each song is the PDF File of the Lyrics Except for Amazing Grace & Psalms 100. Please feel free to download the Lyrics and If you like to use them as worship songs in your fellowship please do. 

Click On the Picture below if you would like to download the CD


1  I can do all things through Christ –   Audio Time 2:10 

Click Here for Lyrics I Can Do All Things Through Christ

2I’ll Walk with You Audio Time 3:14

Click Here for Lyrics I LL WALK WITH YOU

3. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled  Audio Time 3:10

Click Here for Lyrics Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

4. Here I Am Lord Audio Time 2:44

Click Here for Lyrics Here I Am Lord

5. Psalms 100 Audio Time 2:11


6.  Lord I want To Look To You Audio Time 2:22

Click Here for the Lyrics Lord I Want To Look To You

7. Look Only To God   Audio Time 2:46

Click Here for Lyrics Look Only To God

8. Someone Like You   Audio Time 3:48

Click Here for Lyrics Someone Like You

9. Praise You God  Audio Time 2:27

Click Here for lyric Praise You God

10. Amazing Grace   Audio Time 4:07


11. (New) I need You  Song Audio running Time 3:27

Click Here for Lyrics I Need You

12. (New) You are My Father & (New) Everyday is a New Day ** Songs Audio Time 8:17 

Click Here for Lyric You Are My Father

13. (New) Like an Eagle  Song Audio Time 2:38 

Click Here for Lyric Like An Eagle

14. Every Day (Slow version) with Keyboard





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