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Don’t Let Fear Stop You, Stand Your Ground By Laurence Torr

Don’t Let Fear Stop You, Stand Your Ground   Is fear stopping you from moving into your promise land? what giants are in your way? learn how to move in victory, regardless of what is front of You.  Learn how to keep your peace and mind focused so your faith is not contaminated, through fear and learn where your true strength comes from. Be encouraged and enjoy the life you have now in Christ! Audio Running Time 54:26 PDF NOTES –Click Here – Dont Let Fear Stop You Stand Your Ground

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Video Teaching – You Decide Encouragement or Discouragement – By Laurence Torr

You Decide Encouragement or Discouragement Our God is the God of all comfort and the Father of all Mercies, No matter your situation, no matter your problem, or trial, or tribulation, God will deliver you.. We have a mighty God and a mighty Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, We decide to either to be swallowed up by the circumstances or rise up in believing. when we decide to believe God no matter what, He give us the victory through Christ. Be Strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. May God touch your heart through this Video Teaching. Laurence x  Here is…

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You are a Victor Not a Victim

When you realize who you are, you won’t go around intimidated and insecure, thinking, “I’m lacking. I’m not that talented. I come from the wrong family.” No, you come from the right family. Your Father created it all. When you know who you are, it changes your thinking from, “I’m unlucky. I never get any good breaks” to “I have the favor of God. Blessings are chasing me down.” When you know who you are, you’ll start thinking like a winner, talking like a winner, carrying yourself like a winner, and soon, you’ll start living like a winner, too! Remember,…

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More than conquerors – By Laurence Torr

More than conquerors You are a person of value, you have Christ in you the hope of glory, as he is, so are you in this world, you can do all things through Christ, you are equipped like a ship ready to cross the oceans of life, no matter the weather conditions, you can take on the storms of life as more than conqueror, sometime we just have to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, you are empowered by the creator of the heavens and earth, filled with the spirit of God. nothing can stop the promises and…

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Part Two – Five Vital Signs of a Believer – Praying and Speaking in Tongues – By Laurence Torr

Five Vital Signs of a believer continued Praying and Speaking In Tongues Yesterday we began to look at the five vital signs of believer which are as listed below. The 5 Vital signs of a Believer. 1. Read and study the Word of God 2. Praying and speaking in Tongues 3. Fellowshipping with Like Minded believers 4. Financial Giving 5. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ (witnessing) We took a look in the first article about the importance of reading and studying Gods word. Today we will look at  the importance of praying and speaking in Tongues. Praying and Speaking In…

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Thoughts for today – By Laurence Torr

My Thoughts for Today My Thoughts for today. We only have one life to live, so let us live 100 per cent unto God. Truly this life as a believer is not about us any more, not about what we can get but rather what we can give unto God and others, living our lives in service to Him by serving others. Having a passion for God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to Declare and show the love of the Father to others and to live our lives out day by day before Him, so others can see the transforming…

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Jesus Christ the red thread from Genesis 3:15 to Revelations 22:21

Jesus Christ the red thread from Genesis 3:15 to Revelations 22:21  (From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has at least some type of reference to Jesus Christ — either directly or indirectly — through every single book in the Bible. Sometimes referred to as, “The Red Thread”, please feel free to check out the following scripture verses to learn exactly how our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, weaves God’s Word all together.)   Genesis 3:15 – The Promised Seed   Exodus 12:5 – The Passover Lamb   Leviticus 21:10 – The High Priest   Numbers 24:17 – The Star…

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Thoughts for Today – Why Worry? By Laurence Torr

Thoughts for Today – Why Worry? God is not a man that He should lie, all the promises of God are yes in Christ and Amen in Christ. What God has promised, He is not only able to bring it to pass, He is also willing to bring it to pass. Let us take God at His Word, God says He will never leave nor forsake you, He will make you the head and not the tail, He will provide for you, He will deliver You, He will Heal you, He will make you abound to every good work, the…