December 11, 2023

Thoughts For Today – Speak To Your Problem – By Laurence Torr

It is so easy to speak about our problems and circumstances or how we are feeling, and when we speak about them we just make them bigger in our minds and nothing changes, But we have great authority and power in our words and when we say what God says, rather then dwell and speak about our problems, or focus on how we are feeling we will see faith come to us and our situations changes quickly. We read in the scriptures we can speak to our problems and say what we want to happen, Jesus encouraged His followers to speak to the mountains in their lives, and they are many other examples of this we can read about. But have you tried or practiced this your self? you will find everything begin to change in your favour for you, when you speak the answers and what you want to see happen.

Audio Thoughts For Today – Speak To Your Problem – By Laurence Torr – Duration 14:52


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