Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Don’t be discouraged Gods timing is perfect – By Kim Torr

Another wonderful Skype Fellowship Great heart sharing’s and Testimonies and another encouraging Teaching By Kim Torr

The  song Apple of My Eye accompanying the Teaching is written and performed by Sal Arico,  if you would like to purchase Sal Arico Music you can purchase His albums through CD Baby here is the Link  Sal Arico Music Click Here


Audio One – Skype Fellowship – Audio Time 01:57:03


Audio Two –  Song and then Teaching Don’t be discouraged Gods timing is perfect – By Kim Torr – Audio Time 46:07

By Grace Love & Truth

Welcome to Grace, Love, and Truth. My name is Laurence Torr and My Wife is Kim Torr and We are ordained ministers, Who run a home bible fellowship as well as travel to international countries around the world, teaching and preaching the good news concerning Jesus Christ. We started this Website to encourage others in their walk with God and to grow in their relationship with Him and His Son The Lord Jesus Christ. If you would like to know more about God and Jesus Christ and How we can help You Please Contact Us at We look forward to hearing from You

4 thoughts on “Don’t be Discouraged God’s Timing is Perfect – By Kim Torr”
  1. What a wonderful teaching and maifestations and prayers Thank you. God’s abundant blessings prayed for you all. xxxx

  2. “Disappointment should not hold you hostage” a most timely saying. I have never been disappointed in God but just in myself. “God has our backs, whatever we do God has our back. He is there to encourage us, to support us when we are tired, he will give strength to the weary. But even bigger than that our God never leaves us or forsakes us.” Amen to that. “We have to cast it to him and let it go” boy have I thought of this verse a lot and rehearse it in my mind. I just picture that net full of my junk that I cast out onto His calm waters. “Let God have your life, cause He can do more with it than you can.” “Let go of all the disappointments’ the burdens, the hurt, the worries, the hatred, the unkind words, from the past and right up to this very point. Because once you do that,God can then open the door to your future. This is such a timely teaching….”Sometimes to let your wounds heal you have to stop touching them” such a vividly clear metaphor. I woke up this morning and needed this teaching, thanks…. Worship manifestations, “say what you want, not what you see” “The enemy cannot touch you, he knows he cannot touch you. He tries to trick you out so that you think that he can, but he can’t. So believe my Word above all things” so very encouraging and edifying. Hearing all this lifted my burden 🙂

    1. God bless You Ira, God is always so faithful and always on time, His compassion’s are new every morning great is HIS faithful. xxxx

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