Two Teachings Taught In Norway February 2019

Teachings Taught In Norway 2019

February 13th to 17th Kim and I had the blessing of visiting and ministering to the believers of Norway, we had a wonderful rich time of fellowship and hearts to hearts with individuals and God is truly at work among all His people, many wonderful committed Believers of Norway received us and took great care of us, we had a wonderful time and were very encouraged with what God is also working in the hearts in the believers of Norway, Below are Two teachings which we recorded. We had 4 fellowships all together and a nice breakfast fellowship and met many old and new believers. The Youth in Norway are rising up and moving with God. Thank You to all and to  Siri and Knut Sollied  who gracefully hosted us in there home, and also Carl Morten and Britt Hellwig who also gracefully received us in their home. and Thank You to Hakan and Ferzanne Riley Persson who inivted us for a a nice Curry that she lovingly prepared for us and all the wonderful believers we met. God is doing a new things in the hearts of His people.

Teaching One – Walking in the Newman – By Laurence Torr – This was taught at the third fellowship we visited.


Teaching Two – Applying God’s principles and receiving God’s benefits – By Laurence Torr – This was Taught at the fourth and last Fellowship. 

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