November 29, 2023

Following Gods direction – By Laurence Torr

When we decide to follow God’s direction, God will lead us into the works He has before ordained that we should walk in.

God’s way is simple, religion and tradition’s of men, is not, God wants you to enjoy this life and be to be fruitful for Him and multiply in every area of your life as a son or daughter before Him and to be successful.

We take an overview look at: 

1. Praying for the Labourers 2. Connecting, 3. Prayer 4. Being led by God 5. Giving 6. Preaching the Gospel 7. God’s Vision 8. Unity 9 Fellowship


Teaching – Walking In Newness of Life, Following God’s Direction – By Laurence Torr – Audio Duration 35:10



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1 thought on “Following Gods direction – By Laurence Torr

  1. I am Eddie Kiyaga from Uganda, I have loved the inspiration words from brother Laurence, I need more please if you can send me.

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