November 30, 2023
Diligent In Sowing and Reaping with Joy – By Kim Torr

The First Audio File is of the Skype fellowship where people share their hearts and testimonies of what God is working In their life.

The Second Audio file is tonight’s Teaching By Kim Torr.

Diligent In Sowing and Reaping with Joy

All through the scriptures God uses examples of sowing and reaping. Sowing and reaping works for believers & unbelievers whatever you sow by actions or words will always reap a harvest for you, either negative or positive. We sow according to our choices in life and we reap the results of what we have decided to sow Every day we are sowing something in our lives weather you recognise it or not or weather you choice to believe it or not, what you sow will always come back to you and in an abundance.

Audio One –   Skype Fellowship –  People share their hearts and testimonies 
Audio Two Teaching – Diligent In Sowing and Reaping with Joy




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2 thoughts on “Diligent In Sowing and Reaping with Joy – By Kim Torr

  1. Thank you Kim, good to know you are back at work and spreading the word and sounding good too. A great sharing enjoyed this teaching. xxxx

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