Being A Doer of the Word – By Kim Torr

Being A Doer of the Word 

By Kim Torr
The first audio File is from our fellowship tonight and those that join us through skype, listen to the wonderful sharing’s and testimonies of how God is working greatly in those that look to God in there daily lives, and what God is doing through them.
The second audio file is a  Teaching By Kim Torr,
Kim teaches from the scriptures about the benefits to those that are doers of the word of God and not hearers only, and the benefits of doing and practising the word of God in our lives. 



Audio Skype Fellowship- Many wonderful Sharing’s of God at work in the life of the believers sharing their Testimonies


Audio Teaching Being A Doer of the Word – By Kim Torr 

2 thoughts on “Being A Doer of the Word – By Kim Torr

  1. Great teaching Kim, so needed that today, as we are having to wait for different appointments for my son who is 52 years old and has just been diagnosed as Autistic, We are believing God will meet his everyneed and heal him.. xxxx

    1. Amen and we will keep in our prayers along with You God bless you and your son greatly love Laur and Kim xx

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