Audio Teaching – The Image In Our Hearts – By Laurence Torr

Audio Teaching – The Image In Our Hearts 
By Laurence Torr
From the Time we were born, and up until this present time, the things we have learnt and been taught, the things we have experience and gone through have helped build an imagine in us and our perception of life.
What you have heard and have paid attention too and focused on and what you think about yourself and say about your self is either maintaining the image of how you see yourself or changing the image of how you see yourself.
God does not want any of His people to hold to negative imagines we have picked up through the Journey of our lives As born again sons and daughter of the most high God with the power of God in Christ in us, and the truths of who we are now in Christ we can begin to build the imagine of who we are in Christ, and How God see you now. We can demolish the distorted image that has been in learnt from the world.


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