December 10, 2023


Miracles Today (A Personal Testimony Of Healing Received Today and saved from an Operation)
Plus the sharing’s from Skype Fellow
Follow By A Teaching on Miracles Taught By Kim Tor
By Kim Torr
After a very recent Miracle of Healing Today and saved from having to have an operation, Kim Shares her testimony of how God healed her an hour before an operation Today 19th July 2018.  God the creators of the heavens and earth is still at work today and bringing healing to those that look to Him for their deliverance. what ever your need is in your life, we pray after you have heard Kim’s Testimony of Healing and the Teaching from God wonderful Word, you will be encouraged and inspired and Your faith is lifted up to turn to the one true living God and let Him perform the miracles you so desires, all things are possible with God to those that Believe. God will absolutely set you free.
In the First Audio Recording is the Testimony of Kim’s Healing Today.
In the Second Audio Recording is the Skype Fellowship Sharings
In the Third Audio Recording is Kim’s Teaching, On Miracles

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