December 11, 2023

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

By Kim Torr

Wonderful Encouraging Teaching BY Kim Torr

Kim Share’s from the Word of God how we can keep the peace of God in our hearts even when everything is going wrong, using examples from her life, and showing from the Scriptures what God says about letting not our hearts be troubled and showing how God is continually with Us, Encouraging us, working In Us. As we Keep our focus with and on God, we see great answers come to us and great direction for our lives.

Audio Time 28:38



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2 thoughts on “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled – By Kim Torr

  1. Thank you Ms.Kim for sharing your heart tonight through your teaching. God has truly inspired you to talk to my heart to be still and know that He has it all in control.

    1. God bless You Shelly, Praise God, He is so faithful, we just need to keep simply looking only to Him and encouraging one another lots of love Kim x

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