December 10, 2023

The Power Of Faith Filled Word Seminar Available From February 2018

This Class will be presented and taught live and is power packed with truths from the scripture’s showing you the powerful impact and effects the words you speak can have on your life.  There are 12 session to this class with a 54 page syllabus with all the scripture references.  In this seminar you will Learn how to release your faith and how to walk in your God given authority, You will Learn how to release faith filled words, that will bring deliverance in your health, in your relationship, in your finances, You will learn what faith is and how to speak to the mountains (problems) that stand in your way. Its time to change your world by changing your words.

If you would like this Seminar Taught in your home fellowship or group or church, Book Now By Contacting Laurence Torr at – or Telephone  +44 7475089694

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