Don’t worry God has provided So you can Focus on what He wants You to Do


Worrying and taking thought for your own lives, is one of the biggest things that will stop you doing what God wants you to do and has planned for your life. With all the demands of life, like money, debts, retirement etc,  and how are we going to get by this month  type of thoughts that constantly are coming up in this high pressured world we live in, can kill the joy and peace in our walks and fellowship with God.  But as we learn to lean on and trust God, we can keep moving and live care free despite those things  that  need to be taken care of.  God wants You blessed and living His way of life and doing the things He has planned for you, God has the solutions and directions and as we follow His plan and path we can truly live worry free with joy and peace through believing.

Audio Time 27:36

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