God is the one that has to Initiate

In this Audio Teaching we learn how God is the one who has to Initiate the work He gives us to do we can see this from the records in the scriptures how God work with His men and women throughout the Bible, and through their faith and obedience to follow Gods direction, God was able to accomplish His mighty works through them, God has not changed He is the ever living God, who changes not and He wants to go to work in you, Just like He did Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Jesus Christ. Are you ready to move? are you ready to be still and know that He is God? are you ready to cease from your own works and be led by the spirit of God, and follow His direction for you?  I pray this teaching encourages you to go to the living and true God to do the things He has called you to do today Bless you Laurence.


Audio Running Time 01:01:47

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