Two Kingdoms, Two Choices. By Laurence Torr

Two Kingdoms, Two Choices.

We are now the children of God with the spirit of the Living God in Us

Everyday we are face with Choices, do we base our Choices on Gods wisdom

or this Worlds Wisdom. We can acknowledge God and His wisdom and Understanding

So we can make good Godly choices in every situation in Life. God is working in Us both

to Will and to do of His good pleasure, and is leading us by His spirit so we can live

more than super conquering and abundant life before Him. Gods ways are not our ways and God thoughts

are not our thoughts I pray you are built up and encouraged through this teaching to follow Gods wisdom and direction

against the knowledge of this worlds wisdom and ways of doing things .


Teaching – Two Kingdoms, Two Choices.

Audio Running Time 54:24


Testimonies Sharing’s By Becci Jancey, Aimee Mccormack, Jason Smale

Audio Running Time 35:06

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