“NEW” Seminar – Cheerful Giving

“NEW” Seminar –  Cheerful Giving 

The Purpose of this seminar is to assist anyone who desires to live a more abundant life by properly utilizing the truth of God’s Word as regards Tithe, Offerings and Cheerful Giving with the right heart and understanding according the Scriptures. This  Seminar which is record in the following 13 audio files

Is to help give you an understanding of the truth of the Word of God, so as to carry out God’s instruction with Faith and Love and understanding so that:

  1. You may practically experience God’s abundance in your life.
  2. God’s ministers and the church may have abundance to carry out good works,
  3. that the financial and material needs of individuals in the church may be met by the church of God.

The ultimate goal of this Seminar and Study is to enable the believer born again of Gods spirit to understand God’s goodness so that in proper response the believer may Love and worship God our heavenly Father who Accomplished all things for us through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Audio 1 Running Time 24:59


Audio 2 Running Time 32:19


Audio 3 Running Time 20:57


Audio 4 Running Time 14:48


Audio 5  Running Time 17:54


Audio 6 Running Time 27:06


Audio 7 Running Time 22:02


Audio 8 Running Time 29:16


Audio 9 Running Time 10:02


Audio 10 Running Time 25:55


Audio 11 Running Time 26:14


Audio 12a Running Time 26:31


Audio 12b Running Time 23:37

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