Some things to Ponder – By Laurence Torr

Some things to ponder.

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What is speaking the truth in Love? is it a wishy washy sincere well hearted lovely dovey action with no backbone, or is it telling it like it really is, with the heart to reach others with the truths of God Word with heart and love. What is the love of God? is it being nice to everyone we see or is it that we have been so transformed by His love , that people see that love in our actions and words?, are our words backing up what we are doing? is it holding the line on the truth and not compromising..

Does speaking the truth in love mean we get along with everyone and the worlds opinion on life, is the love of God calling good evil and evil good?
I believe when we take a real stand in our lives and on our beliefs from the scriptures, you will quickly see who really stands with you. but the truth is do you stand for God. sometimes the people we are nice and kind too need to be challenged and brought back the truth.

Are we suppose to get along with everyone?, No. but we are suppose to live the truths and stand on those truth and not compromise the truths we believe and know.

There is real back bone in the truths God has given to us, there is liberty and freedom for all who choose to believe. but are people getting the truth which sets them free or are they getting a watered down compromised half truths, for the ministers who are suppose to feeding them or do the minister do what they do for gain?

When your deceived, it is hard to see the wood for the trees. But once truth sets you free, you can see and avoid it, and expose it.

Today is the day of salvation, it time to get serious if you’re not. God is not counting the times you go to church or fellowship, or say a nice prayer in front of others, are putting someone else down to elevate yourself.

It’s time to call evil, evil, and good, good. It time to really start living the truths we proclaim, if you’re not living them. There are no favourites in the body of Christ, but God recognizes our faith and heart towards Him in our living speaking and actions. our hearts towards Jesus Christ, our love for His truth, and that truth living and real in our lives.

Full time ministers should not be expecting money from their flock, but from their God who shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, God has He avenues of supply, full time ministers should not favour the ones who give to them above the ones that do not give, if you are of this mind set you are dead wrong. turn around in your heart and come back to God in this area Now.

Looking only to God means just that, You Look to Him and let God provide how He see fit.He will provide and not fail you.

I heard a saying which sticks with me, it goes something like this

Just some questions and thoughts I was thinking today.

God bless you!!!!


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