December 10, 2023


Here is an awesome Testimony from Ashish Dial from India.


This Testimony is recent, and happened in Nepal, where the Word of God is growing rapidly.

Nepal is one of the fast growing Country in the world where the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is reaching and touching

and changing the lives of thousands of People. I have personally been to Nepal 3 times and the increase of believers

are in their multitudes, and spreading through the country rapidly, Where God’s Word is preached and believed and acted on

then sign, miracles and wonders follow. Just like it was with the first century Church.

This is a testimony of a young lady who was suffering with HIV+(positive)  and on the same time she was pregnant with the twins baby . when she gave birth to the twins the doctors took their blood for the test and they found both the babies are also suffering with HIV+ (positive) when the mother came to know about this bad report she was very sad and she knew three of them will die soon.

After a few days one of her friend came to know about her that she is sick so she came to see her and then this lady shared with her friend about her and also about her twins babies that three of them are HIV+ (positive) then her friend smiled and then the lady who was sick asked her why are you smiling you should be sad,  then her friend who is a wonderful believer share with her about the most high GOD WHO created heaven and the earth sun and moon and also created us yes for you it is impossible to get healed, but GOD can heal you now he just needs yours faith (believing) and she shared more and encouraged her with many testimonies.

Then this lady who was suffering with HIV+ (positive) got very encouraged and asked her can my  two babies be healed from HIV+ (positive)?  and she said why not with GOD all things are possible then her friend who is a believer also taught us about healing that you can also heal you do not need me for healing you can do the same works.

Then this believer lady came back to her home and after few days she got a call from her friend and what she shared with her it blew this believer mind also.

She shared that by the time you taught me the word and also taught me about healing and the same day I commanded the HIV+ (positive) to go away from my babies and then after few days I have to take both of my babies to the doctor for the test and after few days doctor called me that the reports are with him.

So I went to the doctor and he told me that he has twice previous reports and he has now their new report both the reports are different from the previous report which shows that they are suffering with the HIV+ (positive) but this new report shows that they are absolutely fine they are no more suffering with the HIV+(positive) even doctor was so confused the mother was very happy and she came back home and her faith was on high and then she remembered that she is also suffering with the same she desire then she believed for herself and went to the hospital for her test and you won’t believe she also got healed the same way as her twins babies got healed and three of them are free from HIV+ (positive) and now they have great health


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